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Corporate Information

The SysAdmin Group is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia.

The SysAdmin Group was founded in 1995 as a "next generation" systems administration consulting business. The company is focussed on the development of methodologies, frameworks and toolkits to enable it to provide state-of-the-art systems management practices to industry, including many of Australia's major Internet Service Providers and a number of large corporations which rely on Unix and open systems in mission-critical environments.


SysAdmin's Managing Director is Geoff Halprin, who has over 30 years in the computer industry, over 25 years of commercial systems administration experience, and more than three decades of experience as a company director.

SysAdmin continues to build a team of highly motivated systems management professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. As our client base attests, our capabilities are well respected throughout the industry.


SysAdmin enjoy strategic partnerships with a number of hardware and software vendors and other service providers.

SysAdmin is a Sun Accredited Consultant and, as such, provide services to organisations on behalf of, and in conjunction with, Sun Professional Services.

Affiliate Organisations

SysAdmin recognise that we do not have all the answers, and cannot cover all environments. In order to ensure that our customers receive the requisite quality of services and expertise, SysAdmin work with a number of corporate affiliates which provide more focussed expertise as required. SysAdmin continue to manage the involvement of these people to ensure that their application is appropriately directed, and efforts properly managed for best results.

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