News of the day

The article Ode to Risk Management is now up on the site. It first appeared in USENIX ;login: magazine.

The SAGE booklet "A System Administrator's Guide to Auditing" is now in production. Members of SAGE will be sent a copy of this booklet as a membership benefit. Alternately, it can be purchased from the USENIX office and is also available on Amazon.

The SysAdmin Web site has been updated to include information on the Systems Administration Body of Knowledge (SA-BOK) project.

Supported by SAGE, this project is a long-term series of cascading sub-projects intended to:

  • Develop a formal understanding of the role of systems administration,
  • Develop a comprehensive framework for education and personal development,
  • Extend the framework to provide a formal set of criteria for the evaluation of organisational capability maturity and industry benchmarking.
  • Capture Industry Best Practices into a dynamic Web environment.

This project is led by Geoff Halprin and includes an international working group of experienced system administators, consultants and educators.

The booklet "A System Administrator's Guide to Auditing" is now entering the production phase, and is due for publication around April 2000.

A new addition to the white papers section - "Good Software Management - Guidelines for Developers" has been added. This white paper discusses the principles of highly maintainable code, and presents a series of controls and standards that should be implemented towards this end.

A new white paper, "A guide to the Art of Troubleshooting" has been added. Enjoy.

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