Vendor Partnership Programme

System Administration is a complex field covering diverse areas such as user environments, filesystem replication, network protocol stacks, operating system tuning, database load balancing and many hundreds of other topics.

It requires the technical ability to trouble-shoot, the ability to communicate with users and management, and the ability to write technical documentation.

This is a vast skill-set, and all of it nothing more than a distraction to a vendor who is just trying to sell a product.

Be it a third party product of which you are the local distributor, or a custom application that you have developed, the problem is the same; that product may work fine in isolation (in your demo room), but the moment you try to implement it at a customer site, that site's history and complexity come into play. That's the nature of system administration.

To provide systems administration services requires infrastructure; the ability to track problems and report back to the customer on progress; the ability to manage the application of technical expertise to a complex problem space (which may have nothing to do with your product), and assure the quality of that solution; the systems required for staff assessment, training and development; all to name a few.

To establish all of this infrastructure seems a little unwiedly when your goal is to sell more products. You recognise the need for customer satisfaction, but there must be a more cost effective way.

The SysAdmin Group, through its Vendor Partnership Programme, solves this problem. We allow you to concentrate on your core business of generating leads and selling products. We look after making that product work within their unique environment, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Programme

SysAdmin have developed the systems and procedures for managing the support of a number of organisations, and we have the expertise to make your product work within the most diverse of customer environments.

Moreover, we can provide the expertise your customers need to make the most of their investment, and hence maximise their satisfaction with your product.

We put your product through our Production Acceptance process, to ensure that we build up core product knowledge, and can resolve most customer problems at the time of installation. We can also act as the customer's primary support contact, and identify the products and problem context which assist vendor support lines in speedy resolution. All of this adds up to superior customer satisfaction.

You can return to your business' core focus, whilst SysAdmin attend to theirs. You provide the products, and manage the customers and your relationship with them, whilst we perform and manage the technical work of system administration.

Of course, you receive a commission on any work we perform on your behalf, and regular reports on the customer's status and opportunities. The degree to which you maintain an ongoing involvement is, of course, entirely up to you.

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